2017-A New Girl and a New Attitude

Confidence is key!

Just who IS this new girl with a new attitude?

I stumbled across this girl during a recent visit to Junk Appeal, a local resale shop in the Kansas City metro area. My mom and I were just “shopping windows” since we need absolutely nothing. But the beauty of thrift stores and resale shops is how often you find unique treasures, items that remind you of your childhood, your granny, or yikes, your ex-boyfriend.

I saw this figurine and she immediately spoke to me.  She didn’t bring back dusty memories, but she just appealed to me.  Now understand, I’m not a bit fan of tchotkes because they need to be dusted and believe me when I say housekeeping is not one of my many talents, they add clutter to my already cluttered house and they block my chi. Why do I love her?

  • She is petite, standing only about 3 inches high.
  • She is a frog, on a lily pad, and she fits perfectly with the name of this blog.
  • Did you notice the the flower behind her that’s holding the paper clips?  She’s practical too!
  • She has attitude…as evidenced by her pose. I imagine her making a grand entrance and saying, “Ta da, here I am!”
  • She has created her look with her hair accessory, her jewelry (the dragonfly necklace AND the ring), her pink pumps, and the tattoos on her arms. C’mon, how many frogs do you know that have tattoos? #theanswerisnone.

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