A Special Outfit to Thrift in? Who knew!

Betcha didn’t know there was a special outfit to wear for thrifting, did ya? Well, I’ve been doing this a long time and I can tell you what works for me. I’m confident there are other thrifters out there who have their perfect outfit, too, and I would love to know what those are.  After all, it’s always good to learn new things. But after years, here’s my perfected outfit. Thrifted, of course!

Proper Attire for Thrift Hauls

First off, on this particular day, I was meeting with a redesign client (I do interior decorating and home staging also). This was my first time meeting this woman so I wanted to appear somewhat fashionable.  My friend, Lindsay, turned me on to a new thrift store near the client’s home so I planned to hit it after my design appointment.  So I needed a two-for-one type of outfit.

So what you can’t see in this first photo is my go-to black hat.

I typically wear it because by the time I pull clothes on and off, my hair is a wreck. However, with the addition of a very cute brooch it not only disguises crazy hair, it also adds some fashion punch. Cute brooch…one of my favorites…purchased at a lovely bead store in Atlanta.

Next on the agenda is my Kenneth Cole down-filled vest, not fancy, but also a favorite. It was purchased at Costco years ago and seems to go with everything. It also keeps me warm and is easily washable.  Washable is key to thrifting outfits since thrift stores can sometimes be dusty. Also, when I’m trying on clothes in those itty bitty dressing rooms my own clothing sometimes falls on the floor.  Yuk.

I added this flannel dress that is really soft. You can’t tell in the photo but it is baby doll style and has a skirt flare to it.  I like it because not only is it cute, but I can throw it on over leggings and it disguises all my middle-age junk.  It’s a purchase from a local buy-outright store here in Kansas City called Clothz Minded that is so cute and fresh.  Again, this dress can be easily washed but til it gets to the washing machine it hides dirt.  #bonuspoint

The Nitty Gritty Thrifting Outfit

Now down to the nitty gritty of my thrifting attire:

  • leggings – true confession here, I hate to try on clothes. If I’m going to do it, I don’t wanna try on one thing, I’d rather try on 20 things (which could be why I hate trying on clothes…hmmm, go figure). So when I’m thrifting, I try on skirts and pants over my leggings. This serves two functions. One, sometimes the dressing rooms are occupied or there is a limit to how many items you can take in.  Note:  I sometimes find a mirror elsewhere in the store and do quick changes in front of the mirror. I definitely try to be considerate of others and make sure I’m not in the way.  Usually I can go to the home decor section and find a mirror there.  The second thing is, if an item fits me over the leggings, I know it will have a little more room once I wash it and wear it without the leggings on.  #makesmefeelskinny
  • camisole – again, I can put shirts and dresses on over my cami. In the summer time, I usually wear a tank under a sheer blouse, which is, again, designed to hide my mid section. I usually wear a black or white tank or cami since those colors don’t clash with anything I’m trying on.
  • boots – I love these Michael Kors boots I got at Savers for $9.99. They are comfortable and go with so many outfits I can’t even count them all. Best part is they are easy on/easy off. With socks underneath I can try on shoes and know they fit. In the summer time, I wear sandals that slide off easily as well.
  • messenger bag – I usually take a miniature bag like this with me. I like that I can wear it across my body and and not have to worry about it being in my shopping cart.  I put my debit card in there and of course, my phone as well.  It goes without saying the phone is perfect for researching labels and also taking photos to send to friends if I know they are looking for a particular something.  Occasionally, I make a quick stop into a thrift store and have my regular sized purse. In those instances, I make sure to bury my purse under my clothing pile so it’s not an easy target for thieves.
cute cap, messenger bag, and Michael Kors boots



So there you have it, dear reader, tips on what the perfect thrifting outfit is. Do you have one of your own? If so, please share, I’d love to see what it looks like!



2017-A New Girl and a New Attitude

Confidence is key!

Just who IS this new girl with a new attitude?

I stumbled across this girl during a recent visit to Junk Appeal, a local resale shop in the Kansas City metro area. My mom and I were just “shopping windows” since we need absolutely nothing. But the beauty of thrift stores and resale shops is how often you find unique treasures, items that remind you of your childhood, your granny, or yikes, your ex-boyfriend.

I saw this figurine and she immediately spoke to me.  She didn’t bring back dusty memories, but she just appealed to me.  Now understand, I’m not a bit fan of tchotkes because they need to be dusted and believe me when I say housekeeping is not one of my many talents, they add clutter to my already cluttered house and they block my chi. Why do I love her?

  • She is petite, standing only about 3 inches high.
  • She is a frog, on a lily pad, and she fits perfectly with the name of this blog.
  • Did you notice the the flower behind her that’s holding the paper clips?  She’s practical too!
  • She has attitude…as evidenced by her pose. I imagine her making a grand entrance and saying, “Ta da, here I am!”
  • She has created her look with her hair accessory, her jewelry (the dragonfly necklace AND the ring), her pink pumps, and the tattoos on her arms. C’mon, how many frogs do you know that have tattoos? #theanswerisnone.

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