About Me


Hey there, I’m Lisa and I love bargains!  You can find me at the nearest thrift store, consignment shop, or resale boutique.  As a teen, I pored over department store catalogs (remember Sears, JCPenney and Spiegel?) along with fashion magazines like Glamour, Seventeen, and Mademoiselle (giving away my age here!).   I spent hours mixing and matching my outfits and loved hanging out at malls…I remember when outlet malls first hit the shopping scene! #diedandwenttoheaven

I stumbled upon thrift stores in college while searching for a Halloween costume. Not only did I find it, but I discovered this whole new world of affordable clothing and decor that satisfied my fashion and design budget! Even when I could afford retail, I still shopped resale. It’s now become cool and trendy but my fellow thrifty fashionistas and I were “in the know” long ago.

I still love mixing and matching clothes for a fresh new look.  My personal style is classic with an edge to it. I try to dress my age (Really though, what does that mean?) but occasionally push the envelope.  In my mind, I’m still that teen poring over fashion pics!  I don’t mind spending money on retail stores for high quality pieces that last several seasons. But with thrifting I can usually find quality without a big price tag. Just add accessories and a classic piece can change.  Sometimes I tally up the cost of my outfit as I’m headed out the door and I can’t lie, I get a thrill when someone compliments my outfit that day and I know that it only cost me $15.  I love hearing about other people’s great finds too so please share your story!

I owned a small consignment boutique for three years and loved visual merchandising, event planning, and marketing.  I can definitely tell you what did and didn’t work for me!  I’m currently on hiatus from “bricks and mortar” but e-commerce is in my future! For now I get to express my creativity thru blogging, redesigning and creating cool looks with thrift store finds.  Things I love:

  • Baskets, dishes and throw pillows
  • To travel, especially internationally, but give me a good road trip any day.
  • To run (Boston Marathon is on my bucket list!)
  • To drink wine (I’ve never met a red I didn’t like)
  • To eat great food (which is why I run)
  • Listening to live music (jazz, alternative rock and heavy metal)
  • To read, read, and read some more (books, magazines, blogs, the cereal box)
  • Touring botanical gardens, or any garden for that matter!
  • Inspiring people, which is where you come in!

I can’t wait to get to know you!