My Goal: Helping Women Rule the World-One Outfit at a Time

That’s the purpose of this blog…is to help you look your best so you feel your best, all without spending a lot of money.

You know how you have those days…you wake up in the morning and immediately remember that something significant is going to happen: you have a job interview, a new client appointment, or a hot date. Maybe you wake up and feel a little meh, and you’re racking your brain trying to figure out what to wear.  Bottom line is, you want to look fabulous, exude confidence, and get your best game face on.

Well, here’s where I come in. I’ll help you by giving you the following:

  • Styling  Suggestions
  • Fashion Tips and Tricks
  • Confidence Boosters
  • Shopping Recommendations
  • Random Thoughts

The best part is not only will I help you rule your world, I’ll also help you save the earth, with your outfit. I’ll focus on thrift and resale fashion to have you looking like a millions bucks. Recycled fashion is my passion.

Renew. Refresh. Restyle.

If you’re in Kansas City, we can schedule a consultation. I can come to your home and we can create a wardrobe that works for you. It will make you feel incredible and you’ll know you didn’t break the bank to get your amazing style.

SO are you ready to kick some ass and rule the world? Let’s go!